Flexibility is the ability to offer efficient and timely responses to Customer requests. This flexible Customer-oriented focus has quickly established Castello Italia S.p.A. as an industry leader.

Extruded, thermoformed, beaded or braided tubes and coils for applications like braking systems, SCR, cooling circuits, air suspensions, fuel circuits: Castello Italia S.p.A. researches, designs and manufactures products for the automotive sector using high-performance plastic materials to meet all the needs of a constantly evolving sector.

Tubes, special tubes and coils: Castello Italia S.p.A. offers a wide range of products for the industrial and pneumatic market.
The broad selection of products offers solutions with superior physical and mechanical levels of performance, making it possible to satisfy the needs of any sector of application, from compressed air to the transport of chemical products.

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Castello Italia S.p.A. uses a wide range of materials to make its products. High chemical and mechanical resistance, flexibility, dimensional stability and an extended range of operating temperatures are just some of the numerous properties of the plastic materials used by Castello Italia S.p.A. to manufacture its tubes.


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New horizons for Castello Italia, with ARaymond: the article in Mondo Padano

“October 18th is a date to be marked on our calendar. It’s a day that will change our future”: these were the words with which Pierluigi Testa, Managing Director of Castello Italia, opened Ensemble, the event held with the new owner, the French company ARaymond, a world leader in special fittings and components for the automotive and industrial sectors…

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