The German Institute for Quality and Finance (ITQF) and the Italian economic newspaper La Repubblica Affari & Finanza presented the third edition of “The champions of growth in Italy“: the study on Italian companies with relevant economic expansion. On this occasion, Castello Italia was included among the 400 companies that, with their growth, contributed to the development of the country.

ITQF, Europe’s leading independent body in quality surveys, following a rigorous selection process, has listed 400 companies that drive the economic rebounce based on the average annual growth in the three-year period 2016-2019. It is the third edition of a detailed survey that rewards the excellence of the Italian economy which is recording a remarkable development despite a very difficult macroeconomic situation.

The ITQF has drawn up the ranking of the 400 Italian companies with the highest growth rate starting from an initial long list of over 12,000 companies. Pierluigi Testa, CEO of Castello Italia, commented “this important result is mainly due to three factors:

  • a well-defined strategic plan with due diversification of our industry and our applications;
  • consistency of directives and activities through adequate execution;
  • a strong vocation for internationalization, which has led to opening of new markets and winning strategic customers.

All this, combined with a strong commitment of the whole team, has created the conditions for our growth, which will be confirmed also in 2020, despite the high impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in our home region of Lombardy.

Taking into account that nothing happens by chance, we are proud to be part of this panel of companies that contribute to making our country and the Italian system great”.